Preventative, Remedial & Decorative Waterproofing™

Coprox waterproofing solutions were pioneered in 1949 to the highest international standards. With over 70 years of experience, we’ve been able to build on our original great product with several variations. But some things like our durability, cost-effectiveness, quality and ease of use stay the same.

New construction

Our primary waterproofing products are essential ingredients to ensure the longevity of both new commercial and domestic structures. When you use Coprox, you avoid the hassles of rising, falling and penetrating damp and efflorescence in new masonry structures.

Existing buildings and dwellings

Existing buildings and dwellings

Our products are odourless.  That’s why you don’t have to leave your home or office even while the application is being done!

Coprox Masonry Waterproofing & Coprox Cobond - Oat

Ponds, pools, reservoirs and water features

Our products prevent leakage. No cracking or waste. Using Coprox is being water-wise!

Coprox Waterproof Dualcoat - Charcoal, Fig, Oat, Drakensberg & Mud


Two results from one solution. Upgrade the look of your home or office while waterproofing!

Coprox Waterproof Dualcoat - Drakensberg

Basements, wine cellars and underground parking

Remember that dank musty smell of your underground storage areas, rooms and parking? You won’t for long because Coprox seals out any damp, keeping the environment dry.

Coprox Waterproof Dualcoat - Mink

Interior design

The creativity of our products allow them to be used in ways that we probably haven’t even thought of yet. Our products provide versatility and style. Our variety of colours give you many exciting options.

Why us?


Our products provide durable, cost effective and uncomplicated waterproofing and decorating solutioms for both commercial and domestic use.


Coprox has been providing waterproofing and decorative solutions for over seven decades. Our products are manufactured at our Sandton plant to the highest international standards, market needs and user expectations. We won’t let you down.


While our solutions are unique with many performing more than one function, we still offer pricing to suit your budget.


Our teams are knowledgeable and highly trained. That’s why we can assure you of getting the best advice and the product ideally suited to your requirements.

Featured Work

Coprox Waterproof Dualcoat – Drakensberg
Coprox Waterproof Dualcoat - Drakensberg
Coprox Waterproof Dualcoat - Charcoal
Coprox Waterproof Dualcoat - Light Grey and Charcoal
Coprox Waterproof Dualcoat - Charcoal