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Masonry Waterproofing

Coprox Masonry Waterproofing

Coprox Masonry Waterproofing is an easy and effective masonry waterproofing solution suitable for commercial and domestic applications. It prevents water seepage in new masonry structures and remedies damp problems in existing ones. Its unique properties make it effective for use on water-bearing positive side or interior negative side above or below ground level masonry surfaces.

Its universal applications range from the preventing and remedying of rising, falling and penetrating damp to the waterproofing of structural, retaining and boundary walls; floors, showers, basements, wine cellars, underground parking, ponds, swimming pools, reservoirs and water features.

Wherever moisture is present, the crystalline properties of Coprox Masonry Waterproofing migrate into the capillaries and shrinkage cracks of brick, mortar, screed and plaster effectively impeding the progress of moisture in or out of the protected surface. There is no need to wait for damp to dry before treatment commences – the moisture assists in remedying the problem. Coprox Masonry Waterproofing will not allow the passage of water molecules. It will however, allow the passage of air, thus enabling the structure to breathe and dry.

In addition to its waterproofing qualities, Coprox Masonry Waterproofing eliminates the need for plaster and paint, providing an attractive and unique naturally aged, mottled and rustic finish, which becomes more pronounced over time. It is available in a wide range of striking colours. Walls are decorated and waterproofed in one application.

Coprox Masonry Waterproofing also serves as an excellent waterproof plaster primer for conventional paint.

  • Preventative & Remedial Waterproofing for Water Bearing Positive & Negative Side Masonry Surfaces
  • Waterproof Decorative Coating
  • Suitable for Brick, Mortar, Screed and Plaster